Adam Richardson

Done For You Funnel Strategies Built Around Cutting Edge Content Marketing.

I’m Adam Richardson, founder of Viewergy LLC and the Chief of Marketing for

I use artfully crafted content as the basis of all my marketing campaigns…in my experience it is the greatest foundation that powerful funnels can then be built around.

Simply put, here is what I can do for you:

1. Create Authority Blog Style Content – One of my favorite tactics is to create an “authority” blog.  Everything becomes much easier once you or your business becomes a celebrity in your niche.

2. Build A Funnel Based On Digital Marketers “The Machine” – Creating Lead Magnets, Tripwires, Core Offers, Profit Maximizers and Return Paths…I’ll build your invisible selling machine for you.

3. Generate Traffic For The Top Of The Funnel – Great content lends itself well to re-purposing…turning a blog post into an infographic, that infographic into a slideshare, that slideshare into a Youtube video.  Not only do each of these become an entry point into the sales funnel, they also build up a Facebook audience to serve retargeting ads to.

4. Make Sure Everything Works Together To Make You Money! 


Viewergy was created to serve as a done-for-you marketing department for larger companies in long term engagements but is open to all businesses of any size.