Christie Turley

My agency has sold millions of dollars of products and services for our clients.

Hi, I’m Christie Turley, founder of Thrive Marketing®.

My agency has sold millions of dollars of products and services for our clients.

When you hire Thrive Marketing, you’re not working with a big agency with M&M’s in the conference room – or a newbie consultant who’s trying to learn what works on your dollar. When you hire Thrive Marketing, you’re working with experienced digital marketers who already know what works and what can create a profit for you.

Hiring Thrive literally pays for itself.

Here are the wildly profitable results for a few of our clients:

  • Grew eCommerce customers by 3000% and revenues by $250K in 3 months on (Vertical: eCommerce)
  • Achieved 770% ROI on campaign and a 315% increase in sales within 60 days and publicity on MTV, Disney and Bravo (Vertical: eCommerce)
  • Increased eCommerce traffic from 1,000 to 15,000 per month and from 1 sale to 30-50 sales per day within 1 year (Vertical: eCommerce)
  • Campaign resulted in six-figure revenues within 90 days and publicity on HGTV (Vertical: eCommerce)
  • Grew from $0 to 6-Figure Webinar Revenues within 30 days (Verticals: Author/Speakers, eCommerce)
  • Grew traffic by 3X, leads by 6X, event sales by 33% and memberships by 10% (Verticals: Associations, Memberships, Speaker)
  • Grew orders from national and international retailers by 200% and editorial endorsements (Vertical: eCommerce, Manufacturing)
  • Grew list by 26,000 and grew traffic by 15X through SEO and lead conversion strategies  (Vertical: Professional Services)
  • Grew traffic and qualified leads by achieving #1 search engine rankings – and still #1 after 5 years (Vertical: Luxury)
  • Increased traffic by 400% and qualified leads by 500% within 3 months – and decreased PPC ad spend by 90% because of increased SEO traffic (Vertical: Healthcare, Medical)
  • Invested $1,000 on a marketing campaign and generated $30,000 in revenues (Vertical: Healthcare, Medical, Baby Boomers)

We Race to ROI. Contact us for a quote.

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Meet our People – our Magic Sauce.

Our team has done work for companies both small and large, new and established, private and public, across the United States – as wide ranging as SaaS and eCommerce companies to world-class brands.

Christie | Co-Founder & Chief Architect of Strategy

Christie has been a trailblazer in online marketing since 1999 in the toddler years of the Internet. During the last 11 years, she has transformed Thrive Marketing® from a one-woman operation into a 10-person, award-winning, full-service boutique marketing agency.

Masterminding strategies that fuel high growth companies is in Christie’s DNA. Prior to founding Thrive Marketing in 2004, Christie led the marketing efforts on many Fortune 500 brands, including one new brand that exceeded $15 million in revenues during its first 9 months of operation – breaking through all revenue goals. Prior to this at start-up, she grew revenues by 3000% during a 5-year period, earning her company a spot in INC. Magazine‘s Top 75 fastest growing companies in the US – and all before her 23rd birthday.

Jared | Co-Founder & Chief Maximizer

A born entrepreneur, Jared Turley knows what it takes to grow a business. Prior to joining Thrive Marketing in 2007, Jared bought and streamlined several businesses that had been neglected by former management and successfully sold them or set them up to produce automatic and passive revenue on the Internet. This strong business and operations background enables him to effectively strategize with company CEOs and entrepreneurs on how to dominate their markets and create marketing strategies that will both meet budgets and produce a return on investment (ROI). Our clients love his no-nonsense approach and his ability to achieve results quickly with focused feedback and ideas.

Sara | Graphic Designer

Sara has over 15 years’ experience in graphic design. She is skilled at taking subjective intangible and sometimes seemingly conflicting descriptions and turning them into workable themes and concepts. Unusually creative and prolific at developing branding campaigns, she has a quick grasp of new brand concepts and promotion, and is particularly gifted at 3-D conceptual work like packaging and point-of-purchase ideas.

Chris | Web & Graphic Designer

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in print design, identity & branding, web design & front-end development, WordPress design & development, and creative advertising. His work has been featured in magazines such as GQ, TokyoArts, Design Graphics, Digital Design, Esquire, AVAart. He has worked on projects for clients in various industries, most notably for Barney’s New York, Oprah Network, Air Canada, Mercedes, Bloomingdales, and Dior.

Shilo | Copywriter

Shiloh is an efficient copywriter who creates engaging content with impressive turnaround times. She has eleven years of professional experience writing a wide variety of content, from entertaining articles and blog posts to marketing materials, social media content, and search engine optimized websites. She has written web and social media copy for many of the world’s top hospitality brands, including Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Hyatt and InterContinental.

Tom | Copywriter

As a former marketing director, Tom knows what it’s like being the person who is requesting copy. With more than a decade of copywriting experience, he knows what to say and how to say it, but just as importantly, what not to say. In other words, he’s developed a pretty keen sense for what the reader wants to hear. Tom finds it easy to make connections with others through copy, and has a talent for warm, sensitive language, speaking in human terms, rather than with pure logic and fact.

Sissi | Campaign & Funnel Builder

Sissi transforms funnel blueprints and strategies into reality. She does this in record time and assures quality for funnel and campaign execution. Sissi’s strength is that she can not only efficiently set-up conversion funnels (without taking short-cuts in quality), she also can write comprehensive documentation for these campaign processes and systems. This means clients’ teams can manage their own conversion funnels and campaigns, if they desire. Sissi has an advanced knowledge of Infusionsoft, OntraPort, HubSpot, CustomerHub, iMember360, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart, Constant Contact and WordPress.

Sheelah | Web Developer

Sheelah has a passion for building beautiful, responsive, and fast-loading websites. Before landing at Thrive Marketing, she worked at Google and Hewlett-Packard in various engineering roles, giving her the knowledge on how to work with a team to complete a project, delivering high-quality code in the process. With over 15 years of programming experience, Sheelah is skilled at producing projects in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and many other languages and platforms, including WordPress.

Michael | Website Usability Engineer

Michael’s keen, conscientious eye identifies even subtle errors in web content and form, and his efforts help make browsing a website effortless. He holds a MASc in Usability Engineering and a MBA in Marketing and e-business.