Jean Lanoue

Done-for-you magical digital marketing using proven techniques.

You know how most speakers, authors and coaches struggle to get found and make REAL money?

We solve this.

We do this by utilizing by secret G.E.N.I.E technique to grow your business in one of the only three ways there are to grow your business. You can stop the frustration.

Ready to figure out what you could be doing to double your revenue let’s get started or call me 407-273-7788 and let’s talk so no more time is wasted feeling helpless.

We help you do the only 3 things you can do to grow your business. Get more customers Get your customers to come back more often Get your average sale increased Digital Marketing Genie is an internet marketing agency. We customize our strategies based on our your needs and objectives, after a thorough evaluation. As an inbound marketing agency we believe in creating quality content that pull people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. Very few online marketing agencies have the capability to create a truly customized winning strategy based on your unique business objectives. We learn about you and your business first. Then, we find your potential customer on the best social media channels and/or blogs.

Jean Lanoue is a longtime entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker and the CEO and founder of The Social Jeanie and Digital Marketing Genie, two successful Central Florida based businesses that help navigate social media and the world of online marketing and even provide done-for-you services. She has created a business in the box to allow coaches, authors and speakers to quickly establish their online presence. In addition to her businesses, Jean is also an author, a national public speaker and has been recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts in Digital Marketing & Social Media.

She is:
Certified Digital Marketer Partner
Infusionsoft Partner
Active Campaign Partner
Constant Contact Partner
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer

Plus she holds a certification in Online Sales Funnels and Inbound Marketing. Marketing is kind of her thing. She has built a team of experts that can help you no matter what level of marketing you need. Let us help you be satisfied with your online presence.