Katie Beckam

If you have a great product then it deserves to be found by people who need it-- we do this for strong brands in diverse categories.

Hi! I’m Katie and happy that you clicked on “learn more.”  My team and I assist brands with all aspects of digital marketing and my core expertise is in paid search.  You might be familiar with terms like PPC, AdWords, Bing Ads, SEM, digital advertising, search marketing and a handful of other internet-jargonish.  So to use normal-world speak, paid search means the ads you see when you search for anything on Google, Bing, Yahoo or anywhere else online.  But the fact that you’re at DigitalMarketer.com means you probably already know that. 😉


Every marketing strategy needs paid search.  Sometimes it’s central and sometimes it’s a peripheral part of your overall marketing strategy.  I’ll help you determine how much and which competitive paid search tactics you can implement immediately for your brand to generate more leads for your sales team and win more customers.


Paid search is my passion because I also ride shotgun to progressive psychology literature. To best understand paid search is to understand how people think and react to certain emotional stigma like ad copy, landing page design, layout, colors — I sweat these details for you so you can run your business.  During our kickoff I have a unique questionnaire that gets to know your customer but also aligns with validated psychology research. This approach makes our team unique.


I can help you launch a new paid search program, optimize your current strategy, or give your team a fresh set of eyes on the campaigns you’re already running and train your staff to increase your ROI.  We also assist with the technical aspects like branding, design, landing pages, tracking codes, analytics and the often-overlooked details and best practices needed to ensure a strong digital program.


As I write this it’s a Sunday and I’m checking on my clients’ campaigns because it’s not only my job, but it’s as much fun to me as spending the day at the pool!  If someone is searching for something and we have a solution for them, we have a responsibility to be found.  And to communicate clearly so they can finally stop searching.  It’s a beautiful win-win for all of us.  Okay, geekout moment over.  Let’s get back to what’s really important here — you.  If you have a brand that people need to find, I would love to meet you.  Let’s work together!