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8 Reasons You Don’t Have Unstoppable Infusionsoft Revenue


     1)   You don’t know your Customer Avatar

A Customer Avatar is vital if you want to target the prospects that will be most responsive to your marketing efforts. It means higher converting campaigns and lower advertising costs…

A Customer Avatar is a profile that we create with our clients to determine their ideal customer demographics, interests, and methods of advertising.

The Customer Avatar is SO powerful because it’s the blueprint to discovering your audience’s hidden fears and secret desires…

And that will help you create content and promotional offers that will be irresistible.

     2)   You don’t have the proper Lead Magnet

Your Lead Magnet is the most important piece of your marketing equation.

It’s the one thing that converts your website traffic into email subscribers – which will enable you to follow up and nurture them into becoming paying customers.

A Lead Magnet is an appealing bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information – usually an email address.

And a good Lead Magnet can save a bad website. But, a good website will never save a bad Lead Magnet.

     3)   Your website isn’t designed to to convert Visitors into Leads

Highly converting websites follow a proven blueprint for designing Landing Pages.

We use a 16-point landing page checklist with our clients to ensure that every page we’re driving traffic to follows this blueprint.

This allows us to consistently convert 30%-50% of web traffic into leads.

And our team of copywriters and conversion experts are available at our clients’ disposal to continually improve their ad copy, website flow, and results.

     4)   You don’t have the proper Tripwire Offer

A Tripwire Offer is essential for accelerated customer acquisition because it lowers the barrier for your prospects to becoming customers.

It means MORE transactions and MORE customers to generate backend profits from…

A Tripwire Offer is an irresistible, super-low-ticket offer that exists for one reason and one reason only – to convert prospects into buyers.

The Tripwire Offer is SO powerful because it’s the secret to getting new customers.

If a prospect turns into a customer and gives you ANY amount of money (even just $1) they are 10X more likely to purchase from you again!

     5)   You don’t offer every customer an Immediate Upsell

An Immediate Upsell is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to increase your Average Profit Per Customer.

It’s the most common thing most businesses are missing in their sales process (and the most unacceptable I might add).

To avoid leaving money on the table you need to continue offering upsells to your customers until they reach their spending threshold.

So the single fastest way to turn your ordinary business into a CASH MACHINE is to redesign your sales and marketing strategies to focus on stimulating buying frenzies among the top 20% of your customer-base.

But we’re not done yet…

     6)   You don’t have dynamic Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing is responsible for generating 3,900% ROI for small businesses.

That means that you should be following up with your customers immediately and regularly with automated email marketing campaigns that are designed to ascend them to becoming buyers and multi-buyers.

Otherwise you’re leaving some serious money on the table…

We segment our clients’ email subscribers into multiple categories depending on their:

  • Topic of interest
  • Buying mode
  • Current level of engagement

This prospect segmentation allows us to personalize communications and focus on the 20% of your customers that are producing the 80% of your revenue.

     7)   You don’t have a Profit Maximizer

A Profit Maximizer is the most lucrative way to increase Average Transaction Value.

It’s the way we supercharge cashflow and increase engagement amongst your highest-spending customers – without spending any money on marketing.

Profit Maximizers can come in the form of up-sells, cross-sells, subscription services, and personal consulting…

Which can generate thousands of dollars in revenue per customer, from the top 1-5% of your customers.

And finally…

     8)   You don’t know your cost to acquire a Lead or a Customer

Knowing your numbers is absolutely necessary if you want to automate and scale your ecommerce business.

If you know how much it costs to acquire a lead and a customer then you have valuable information that can be used to determine your best performing marketing channels and predictably scale your business.

At 7 Figure Automation we use Google Analytics and Graphly to setup dynamic tracking systems and determine which customers segments are producing the most amount of revenue.

But we don’t want to keep you in the dark…

The Ugly Truth About Internet Marketing

Businesses today are either using internet marketing or they are aware of it…

But the current strategies being used by most businesses are ineffective, outdated, and they don’t provide the essential analytics needed to make intuitive decisions.

The problem is simple.

Most internet marketing agencies are a waste of money. They generate website traffic and leads for clients by guessing, gaming traffic sources, and covering up their errors with fancy looking reports that provide ZERO value.

These internet marketing agencies are taking advantage of the customer’s lack of knowledge by keeping them in the dark, so they don’t have to actually work.

The reason is simple.

The online advertising landscape is constantly changing.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, and the other major traffic platforms continually change their rules to stop these agencies from using hacks and shortcuts to game their system – making it fair for everyone.

The result is that the same shortcuts that worked yesterday do not work today…

So it is the intelligent and hardworking agencies that continue to achieve consistent and transparent results for their clients (ahem).

These intelligent hard-working agencies are implementing the strategies developed by Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer.

And these strategies are responsible for generating MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenue.

Here’s how we do it…

The Secret To Unstoppable Infusionsoft Revenue

We implement the Customer Value Optimization Funnel into our clients’ businesses.

The results are increased number of customers, increased average transaction value per customer, and an increased number of transactions per customer…

And that type of rapid business growth is VERY powerful because it automates customer acquisition, boosts cashflow, and makes it easier for you to run your organization.

But there’s more…

Our clients’ success creates a powerful shift in their vision – a vision focused on world-class marketing, sales mastery, and constant strategic innovation.

To develop a thriving 7-figure business with maximum employee performance and automated systems is a POWERFUL feeling.

And even more significant than the money, is the freedom and positive impact this provides for you and your family.

So here’s what we’ve done…

We’ve developed the “Infusionsoft Strategy Session” to provide your organization with an analysis of what’s working now and what it needs for EXPLOSIVE growth.

YES, that is an unbelievably huge claim, in a world filled with hype.

This is a free problem-solving service we provide because we are passionate about learning and helping small business with their greatest challenges – it helps us understand our customers better and provide greater value.

Your Strategy Session will include the following:

  • Assessment of your marketing automation tools and technology…
  • Evaluation of your Customer Avatar versus current marketing efforts…
  • 8-point inspection of your Lead Magnet and it’s attraction strength…
  • 16-point inspection of your Landing Pages and their conversion strength…
  • Review of your Tripwire Offer and it’s conversion strength…
  • Development of your Immediate Upsell Offer and it’s ability to add to your bottom line…
  • Evaluation of your Email Marketing Funnel and Lead Segmentation…
  • Assessment of your funnel analytics software and its ability to provide useful data…

Experience the control of generating internet revenue on demand.

Whether you currently have an Customer Value Optimization Funnel or are planning to develop one in the near future, this Strategy Session is for you.

Simply scroll to the top of this page and click “Get In Touch”.

And there’s just one final thing…

You Don’t Have To “Wing It” Anymore

After your Strategy Session, if you feel confident that you’re fully capable of solving your own problems, you’re under no obligation to hire us…

If, however, you see the value of leveraging our expertise to implement the Customer Value Optimization Funnel into your business, you can hire us and we’ll instantly accelerate your results.

With powerful advertising tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook Custom Audiences, YouTube In-Stream Video Ads, and Website Retargeting (to name a few) there’s no reason for your business to not be growing rapidly.

Even if you already have an internet marketing agency…

Our Strategy Session will be a perfect way for you to check the temperature of your business and get access to data needed for more intuitive decision-making.

You’ve made a very intelligent decision by visiting our website today. But some opportunities only come once…

Click the green button at the top of this page that says “Get In Touch” right now to request a free Strategy Session and get the tools needed to run your business more effectively.