Marketing Automation Wizard

Helping entrepreneurs optimize their sales funnels thru the power of Automation so that their customer value get optimized is one of the most valuable long term goal of any business and Our thru passion.

Optimizing the customer value using automated sales funnels and email follow-ups is one of the most efficient way to improve business today and a thru passion of Ours.


Offers, Flash Sales, up sells, cross sells & promotions funnels should be presented to contacts based on behavior recency factors such as -emails opens recency -link clicks recency and -purchase recency;  Why not reward your action takers and send them better offers based the amount of purchases, the average transaction value of a customer for a given time period or the volume bought over that time period.


Knowing your Cost per visitor – Cost per contact – Cost per customer on a per ad basis is key to decide which ad to keep running; Shutting down ads that don’t work to reinvest in ads that are converting is the key increasing your customer value and running successfully the Digital Marketer Perpetual Traffic System.

Automatically build your business credibility and authority by putting the satisfaction surveys, testimonials & referral requests on auto-pilot and syndicate only the positives ones to the business social media channels.   But most importantly, get your sales funnels optimized for conversion prior to you spending on advertising!


Guillaume Couillard, Owner/CEO/Automation Wizard

Nathalie Cadieux, Marketing Director, Marketing Automation Wizard