Nick Jensen

Goal-based marketing strategies to optimize profits - Your marketing partners for success.

Building trust among your prospects, being loved by your customers and outsmarting your competitors.

Full Funnel Marketing: Our approach to marketing stems from inbound where we aim to attract, covert, nurture and close my customers in a systematic, measurable and scalable framework.

Attract More Traffic – Top of Funnel

Our goal is to increase awareness of you – your company and how you can help. Using inbound marketing strategies to drive more relevant traffic to your website we can then grow your retargeting lists and increase engagement. Our goal overall is to grow your website traffic.

We make heavy use of content: blog posts, keywords, social media, videos, podcasts and images to connect with your target audience and make the introduction.

Convert More Leads – Middle of Funnel

This is where we increase your email list (lead growth), grow and segment the retargeting lists and build our initial Customer Acquisition.

We make use of Contextual Calls to Action, landing pages and forms to connect with more contacts.

Close More Customers – Bottom of Funnel

We work on Lead and Customer nurture, further segmenting the retargeting lists, Maximizing immediate customer value, increasing retention and increase in buyer frequency.

Powered by email, automation and lead scoring we are able to effectively connect with your prospect where they are on their journey. By connecting with them we are able

Our process: Plan, Launch, Grow

Plan: If we don’t have a strategy, and SMART goals, we have nothing to measure our success. Starting with understanding your Personas, so that we can effectively market and present your offer to the right audience.

Launch: We launch fast. We work with on minimal viable push. Fast launch is simple: Instead of designing what we think your customers will respond, what can we put out there that will give us the data to improve. We take that data and make the adjustments

Grow: Leveraging the data we have gathered to make the adjustments necessary to increase engagement, increase conversions and ultimately increasing sales.

Our technology: The Right Solutions

While we have partnered with great platforms to help you, we are software agnostic. When we start each new strategy, our aim is to find the solution that will help you best achieve your goals.