Rich Thurman

We bring ideas to life through thoughtful, creative and automated solutions.

Rich Thurman‘s passion is helping small businesses realize their full potential. With twenty years of real world experience in both small and large business, Rich Thurman has worked with and for both global industry leaders and small-town family-run storefronts. Over the past fifteen years Rich provided direct and personal support to Microsoft’s biggest customers in the financial industry, including Wells Fargo, American Express, Bank of America, and First American.

At Think, Automate & Grow Rich has packed up all his knowledge and experience and is ready to apply it to your business.

In a time when most families were buying their first VCRs, Rich had an altogether different introduction to technology. At the age of ten, Rich’s life was changed by a 8088 Sperry Univac IBM clone computer. Experimenting with this frontrunner of the coming technological revolution, Rich absorbed the possibilities that these new machines represented. This experience sparked a life-long passion for computers and has driven Rich throughout his life. Combining his fascination with the potential computers represent and his enthusiasm for business and marketing, Rich always finds new and creative ways to bring technology to bear on specific problems or needs and turn them into revenue streams.

In 2004, Rich had his fifteen minutes of fame. While experimenting with interconnected and automated systems, Rich reverse-engineered a popular computer game and devised a way to sell game items and virtual currency for real money. Rich recognized an opportunity and had the creativity, expertise, and audacity to create a revenue stream from an underserved and, at the time, a nearly unknown market.

This ingenuity is Rich’s hallmark and continued to serve him in his career with Microsoft. As an Application Development Manager, Rich worked directly with customers to integrate their disparate computer, personnel, and marketing systems into an efficient and effective whole. Whether fixing problems or planning for future growth, Rich consulted with senior executive architects and end users to create specialized and custom solutions specific to that organization’s business. Rich’s efforts are consistently characterized by a comprehensive approach to the organization and the industry, with an eye toward maximizing benefits for the customer and company at every level.

Think, Automate & Grow is the culmination of working for Microsoft for 15 years helping major corporations and financial institutions integrate different system using state of the art technology in addition to following his entrepreneurial spirit, building and running several small businesses on the side. Rich Thurman and the rest of the team at TAG is ready to help you today!