RightMind, Inc.

“The top two challenges facing businesses in 2017 are hiring the right employees and increasing profits.”

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These two challenges form a vicious circle. Hire the wrong
employees, and you won’t generate enough profits. Fail to
generate profits, and you’ll have a hard time attracting the
right talent.

RightMind’s team of experts are here to help you put your business on the right path. We have a global track record of
helping businesses grow and expand by aligning the brand message, creating the necessary processes, and then infusing
these through the organization. Our field-tested and perfected hiring methodology helps you find the right people to advance your business.

Unlike ordinary consultants, we are not here to simply talk about problems, or worse yet, create more; we roll up our
sleeves and dive into your business with you. We will train you how to propel that growth long after we’ve left.

We currently service clients throughout the United States, Canada, UK & Europe, and Australia.