Scott Pooch

Helping great companies attract more ideal prospects and convert them into ideal customers.

Automated Customer Acquisition exists to help great companies get more ideal clients.

We help you do the following: find more ideal prospects, turn those ideal prospects into ideal clients and customers, and nurture those ideal clients into repeat buyers and raving fans. And we automate the entire process so you can focus on your areas of passion and expertise and not get bogged down in unproductive and unrewarding tasks.

We choose to only work with great companies. By “great” I mean companies who are excellent at what they do, who exist to bring more value to their customers/clients than they extract, and who are continually finding ways to bring even more value.

Our process in working with our clients often looks like this:

Step 1: Plug the leaks. Dan Kennedy, the marketing guru, says that there is a million dollars trapped inside of the typical small business. The first step to setting that million dollars free is putting into place an automated system to attract and convert ideal customers, and to keep those customers moving up your value ladder. WARNING: One of the biggest mistakes I see most businesses make is thinking it’s a traffic problem – “we just need to drive more traffic”. But until you’ve optimized your systems and automated your customer “touch” sequences, you’re just putting more water into a leaky bucked and the results will be the same – low conversions and way too high cost per new customer.

Step 2: Define your ideal customer. The better you can identify your ideal customer, the easier (and less expensive) it is to attract more of them. It’s like a dating site. If the only thing you enter into E-Harmony is the gender you’re looking for, you probably aren’t going to be very excited about most of the replies you get!

Step 3: Determine where your ideal prospects and customers are “hanging out”. What social media platforms do they frequent? Are they actively involved in groups? Where do they get their information? Where do they search for solutions?

Step 4: Find a bait that creates a feeding frenzy. I’m not much of a fisherman, but I do know that when I fish, I need to bring the bait that the fish like, not just what I like to eat (it’s hard to fish with ice cream:)). Here’s a thought…what if you could acquire new ideal customer for free when it costs your competition $7. You could scale that campaign to the moon and drive your competition out of business. That’s exactly what the CVO / Value Ladder system is created to do.

Step 5: Deliver and Delight. Here’s another area where automation can literally transform your business. Don’t just give them what they bought and disappear. Help them really maximize their purchase. Surprise them with bonuses of “gifts” they weren’t expecting. Indoctrinate them. Nurture them into repeat buyers and raving fans. And automate it all!

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