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We are a digital marketing agency comprised of an elite team of self-motivated, dedicated, creative and data driven individuals who love helping people. Our mission: Help businesses get more clients, customers, and sales. Guaranteed.

An Internet Marketing Company for the Modern Business Owner

Our Culture

Increase Your Profits is a digital marketing company that is comprised of an elite team of self-motivated, dedicated, creative and data driven individuals who love helping people. That’s because we take the time and care to pick and choose team members who have just the right blend of creativity, innovativeness and technological know-how to ensure optimal results. Our team is composed of an eclectic mix of extremely talented and skilled individuals who fit our company culture and believe in our core values.

All of our dedicated team members are resourceful, innovative, team players and have a work ethic that remains unrivaled. Rather than stand in the way of their creativity, we encourage them to brainstorm with each other and our clients to come up with digital strategies that suit even the most complex requirements. At Increase Your Profits, we hire and train digital marketing consultants whose top priority is customer satisfaction and results.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to get businesses more clients, customers and sales. We’ve been helping businesses since 1999 and have happy client all over the world.

Our Core Values

* Honesty & Integrity – We treat our clients and fellow staff members like we want to be treated, with honesty and integrity at all times. We expect and value openness.
* Committed & Accountable – We are committed to the needs of our clients and take personal responsibility for the process of seeing it, owning it, solving it and doing it. This requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping and answering for all commitments.
* Champions – We are fanatics when it comes to helping our clients with complex marketing problems. Our intense focus & enthusiasm in helping serve our clients is that of a championship quality team.
* Adapt & Overcome – We foster a culture of teamwork, perseverance, creativity, flexibility and communication that drives us to work smarter, innovate and to adapt & overcome any obstacle.
* Win Win – As a team we believe in under promising and over delivering. By doing this we build happy long-term relationships with our clients that are profitable and rewarding for everyone.

As a digital marketing company that has seen it all, Increase Your Profits promises to deliver significant and measurable benefits to each brand and business that requires results driven digital marketing solutions.

* Reputation Marketing – Have you Googled your business lately? 92% of customers admit that they are heavily influenced by negative reviews and will probably stay away from a brand that has a couple of them. If you count your business as one of these unfortunate brands, then you need professional reputation management from Increase Your Profits. Turn the tide in your favor and watch the stars add up! We take you through the steps that ensure success. This includes assessing your current reputation online and determining how to best manage it in a positive manner. Our brand management solutions DELIVER!

Prevent negative brand associations
Ensure social media leverage
Locate how your business is mentioned online
Encourage positive reviews
Publish positive content on relevant platforms
Generate organic and positive reviews
See our testimonial video below to learn more about Online Reputation Management by Increase Your Profits

*SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in the creation and ongoing success of any website. It is particularly important for anyone looking to make sales and increase revenue. Increase Your Profits offers SEO services to scan your website content, structure, code, and meta-data for every opportunity. Relevant keywords and targeted campaigns mean that your business is front and center for the people that are most likely to buy. It’s a simple formula: Higher Rankings equal More Revenue. Nearly 70% of users don’t go beyond the first page of results during a keyword search – so it is integral to rank high on search engines. Our experienced internet marketers, web developers, and content team deliver high quality SEO to drive business.

* Website – Whether you’re considering a new website development or thinking about morphing your existing website, get in touch with IYP. We are a leading and trusted web development agency committed to providing businesses across industries with SEO friendly, eye-catching, high-converting and functional web designs that help you:

* Make a long-lasting impression on your site visitors
* Dominate the SERPs for your industry-relevant searches
* Generate target leads
* Increase visitor engagement
* Lower bounce rate
* Increase your conversion ratio
* Boost your sales and profits
* Deliver a superior web-user experience

* PPC – Increase Your Profits offers well-rounded PPC campaigns. Areas of specialization:

* Audit: Our team audits your accounts to help you identify areas of improvement and eliminate waste. We also provide you suggestions and alternatives to enhance your ad performance further.
* Keyword Search: We help you find, target and bid on the most appropriate keywords to get high returns.
* Ad Creation: Our creative team writes the most compelling ads with strong calls to action, bringing you traffic that converts into paying customers.
* Conversion Tracking: We create a proper tracking set-up to gauge your ad performance.
* PPC Optimization: To get you best results, we utilize the tracking data to tweak your PPC ads for better results.
* Reporting: We keep you updated about your ad performance by providing you monthly reports. This helps you see how your paid search is performing against the key metrics.

* Sales Funnel – A sales funnel isn’t just a concept – it’s a visual representation of the sale process. Many internet marketing companies believe that this process starts with a lead, and ends with a sale. Here at Increase Your Profits, we know that customer retention and repeat purchases are essential post-sale components. That’s why we are Click Funnel Certified and always on top of the latest strategies. Our sales funnels give you solid, actionable data on prospects, conversion rates, and profits.

*Infusionsoft Implementation: – Infusionsoft is a powerful resource, but not everyone has the time or training to utilize all of its features. That’s where Increase Your Profits comes in. We streamline the process for you, from setup to campaign management. We offer marketing services bundled with the software, as well as training assistance and customized campaigns. We will assist with:

Infusionsoft account set-up
Email marketing campaign creation and support
Contact management, including importing, segmenting, and tagging
Ongoing support to help you refine campaigns for maximum results
The flexibility and control that you need for consistent results