Tony Liddic

We help businesses maximize profits by implementing and optimizing Automated Conversion Funnels.

Did you hit your income goals for the past 12 months, or did you fall short?

Are you working WAY too hard in your business for not enough sales, and not enough profits?

What’s it costing you NOT to have a steady stream of traffic, leads, and sales flowing into your business all day, every day?

At MRH Marketing, our specialty is helping business owners craft STUNNING Conversion Funnels and automated marketing campaigns that get fast results.

As a client, we will work together with you to create a detailed Marketing Plan. We look at what you’re currently doing, evaluate your products and services, probe into who your customers or clients are, how you attract them, your process for converting and retaining them, what you do to increase back end and repeat sales, and more. Most importantly, we’ll then use this information to create the exact blueprint that will propel you from where you are today to what you want to achieve.

We’ll take this blueprint and use it to determine the single thing you should do first that will create the fastest results.

That might be modifying your positioning, restructuring your offer for much stronger results, switching to a more attractive and more profitable price point (this could be up or down), leveraging specific customer segments or product segments, shooting out a highly effective email campaign to reactivate past customers and convert more prospects who have been sitting on the fence, and more.

Once we have the plan in place, you are free to run with it on your own, join one of our implementation groups where we will guide you through the process step-by-step, or you can simply hand the entire project over to our team to get it done for you. The choice is yours!

Contact us using the form on this page and let’s see if we are a fit to work together on doubling your business!